If you're applying a sealer to your garage floor, use caution; sealed surfaces will become slippery when wet. A non-skid effect can be achieved by broadcasting silica sand or plastic chips over the surface while the sealer is still wet. Below is an article on making concrete slip resistant from the Concrete Network - Making Concrete Slip Resistant.

If your garage floor has ever had an existing sealer applied, then this article will help you successfully re-seal your garage floor.

If your stamped concrete patio needs to be re-sealed, and the concrete stain is still in good condition, then applying another coat of sealer will keep it protected and prevent color fading and an uneven appearance. Re-sealing stamped concrete patios can be accomplished in five simple steps.

Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of water-soluble salts (usually white) on the surface of masonry. All masonry materials are susceptible to efflorescence. In a chemical analysis, water-soluble salts consisting of only a few tenths of one percent is sufficient to cause efflorescence on a masonry surface. The amount and character of salts of the deposits can vary widely, depending the nature of the soluble materials and the atmospheric conditions.

Brick patios create a wonderful area of the home for relaxation and entertainment. Unlike wooden decks, they are considered to be maintenance free. But are they really? The simple answer is no. Although brick patios don't require the annual cleaning and staining that a wood deck often does, patios that are left uncared for can easily turn into an unattractive area. They can become uneven, faded out, and consumed by weeds. The remedy for this problem is simple and quite easy.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the steps needed to properly stain and seal interior decorative concrete floors. Follow each of these steps for optimum results.

This step-by-step guide is for new garage floors or garage floors that have never been sealed. If your garage floor has ever had an existing sealer applied, then read our article on How to Re-Seal Your Garage Floor.

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