MasonrySaver Waterproofing Products

Masonry Water Repellent Products

Masonry Water Repellent Products

MasonrySaver products are designed to protect above-grade, exterior masonry and concrete surfaces from the damaging effects of water penetration. MasonrySaver water repellents create a long lasting waterproof barrier against water penetration and will reduce or eliminate water leaks, efflorescence and deterioration caused by water damage.

MasonrySaver All-Purpose Heavy Duty Water Repellent is the 'work-horse' product of the MasonrySaver line. This high-performance, VOC compliant product is a perfect fit for sealing and protecting brick walls, driveways, sidewalks, and patios.

MasonrySaver Garage Floor Sealer is a non-yellowing, acrylic polymer blend sealer formulated for sealing properly cured concrete surfaces.

Designed for use on both interior and exterior concrete, MasonrySaver Decorative Concrete Sealer is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces where a durable gloss finish is desired, including concrete patios, driveways, sidewalks, and even garage floors.

MasonrySaver® Water Repellent for Split Face Block is a waterborne block sealer that causes water to shed and significantly reduces water penetration into a wall system. It is specifically designed for lightweight, split face, and fluted block.

MasonrySaver® #25 Floor Finish is a highly durable, water-based acrylic polymer interior floor finish that provides a rich, gloss finish that resists dirt and floor scuffing.

MasonrySaver® Water Repellent for Brick is a modified siloxane based product designed to deeply penetrate most masonry and concrete pores. Unlike acrylics, silicones, and other waterproofing sealers that remain on the surface and trap water vapors, this masonry waterproofing product allows deep penetration of its active ingredient of up to 1/4 inch or more.

Masonry Cleaner & Degreaser is a super-concentrated, alkaline-based cleaner formulated to clean a variety of masonry surfaces, including concrete, brick, and stone. It can be used to remove petroleum-based stains such as oils, dirt grime and efflorescence. As this product is not an acid, it is environmentally safe and biodegradable.

MasonrySaver VOC Compliant Solvent Base Water Repellent is meant for use on previously waterproofed surfaces. It is designed to penetrate deeply into most masonry and concrete pores and can be used as a clear sealant for brick and cement patios, concrete driveways, or other masonry surfaces.

MasonrySaver® No-Rinse Concrete Etch is a hydrofluoric acid etching material designed for etching concrete or other masonry surfaces prior to coating or sealing. A thin film of Etch will etch any silica-containing surface in as little as 15 seconds.

MasonrySaver Solvent Base Water Repellent is meant for use on both untreated or previously waterproofed surfaces. Capable of penetrating up to 1/4 of an inch depending on porosity, this product is an effective, penetrating water repellent in a mineral spirits carrier designed to protect above-grade masonry surfaces.

MasonrySaver Extra-Strength Water Sealant is a clear, solvent-based RTV silicone elastomer formulated for concrete block and other marginally porous masonry. This masonry sealant penetrates and fills pores to prevent water penetration through exterior walls exposed to normal weathering with minimal altering of the natural appearance.

MasonrySaver Acrylic Waterproofing Sealer is a clear, water-based, non-yellowing, acrylic brick sealer formulated for use on above-grade, interior brick walls or exterior, non-porous substrates such as brick, stone, smooth masonry, and other moderately dense surfaces.

Epoxy Fortified Paver Sealer is a durable, water-based, clear wet-look concrete sealant designed to protect and beautify both clay brick and cement patio type paver stones to give them a rich, satin finish while functioning as a paver sand sealer.

MasonrySaver Safer Brick & Masonry Cleaner is a safety breakthrough in acid cleaning for commercial and home use. Use for any tough acid cleaning or etching job where you would normally use muriatic acid. The chemical composition of Safer Masonry Cleaner is the same as muriatic acid with proprietary additives. The patented chemistry virtually eliminates the dangerous, toxic fumes and potential acid burns normally associated with muriatic acid.

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