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11 Keys to Staining Your Deck Like A Pro

I've spent my entire adult life working with paints and stains, so I've seen many homeowners dissatisfied with their deck staining projects. Either it didn't look as good as they thought that it would, or it didn't last as long. Following these steps will help guarantee a great-looking, long-lasting result.

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This video shows the secret of how to dramatically cut down the time and effort it takes to stain your deck while significantly improving the quality of your staining job. Instead of using a regular three or four inch hand-held paint brush for those long sections of flat decking that seem to take forever to brush out, use a "push brush", like the one I'm holding in the video.

The brush itself is simple and can be found at most hardware or home improvement stores. Just look in the car wash or cleaning section for a brush that can be attached to an extension pole. They're just like the ones the folks at the car wash use to clean the front end of your car before they roll it into the car wash. They have a fairly soft bristle, much like a paint brush would have. Make sure that the brush you buy will fit inside of a 5-gallon pail, like the container of DEFY Extreme Wood Stain, which I'm using here.

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